Diamond Dial Deluxe BP Apparatus (BP DL 250)

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  • Casing is of a high profile Al-Zn alloy produced by Pressure Die Casting
  • Bellows are of proven material for long lasting and better repeatability.
  • Sector mechanism is specially designed for maximum repeat accuracy.
  • Printed Dial has 20 to 300 mm of Hg scale with 2 mm of Hg resolution.
  • Crystal clear cover glass for best visibility
  • All plastic and rubber parts are of first grade virgin material.
  • Metal parts are treated with Nickel and Chromium plating to prevent corrosion.
  • Best quality painting is adapted to whole body of the instrument.
  • Special cuff is provided for getting excellent grip.
  • Soft carrying case for ease in handling.
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Diamond BPDL-250 dial deluxe BP Monitor is a reliable testing device that helps to measure blood pressure levels accurately This machine have new concept of doing self calibration of the dial gauge on field by the user. This is a great advantage to the user when compared with the standard non-adjustable dial gauges.


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