Omron HEM 7156 T Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with 360°



  • It gives exact readings from the solace of home.
  • It prompts to retake the estimation when a mistake is caused because of body development.
  • It can gauge unpredictable heartbeat and shows it with a heartbeat image
  • The Intelliwrap sleeve is simple and agreeable to wear.
  • It includes a 360° Intelliwrap sleeve that is agreeable and decreases blunders.
  • It has a sleeve wrapping guide.
  • It recognizes body development.
  • It has a hypertension marker.
  • It highlights improved IntelliSense innovation.
  • The gadget stores 60 estimations in memory with date and time.
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Omron White HEM 7156 Blood Pressure Monitor permits getting precise and solid readings during circulatory strain observing. Precision is one of the main necessities for monitoring blood pressure.

Bluetooth network feature helps the device with partner with Omron Connect application that can assist in second with moving of assessment to your cell easily, your Personal prosperity history is constantly promptly accessible and can be granted to a tick of a button , through the intuitive dashboard. Data is displayed in savvy diagrams that help you with seeing your prosperity designs
360° precision intelliwrap sleeve: simple clinical accuracy from the comfort of home.

Sleeve wrapping guide: guides client to the right sleeve wrap by showing okay to ensure an exact and trustworthy heartbeat measurement. Suitable for use on arms with a framework of 22-42cm.
Body improvement ID prompts client to retake assessment when a mix-up is perceived in view of body advancement
Eccentric heartbeat area an inconsistent heartbeat is a heartbeat mind-set that movements by more than 25% from the normal heartbeat musicality recognized while the unit is assessing circulatory strain.

Utilizations of Omron Blood Pressure Monitor:
The gadget is utilized to monitor blood pressure and without any problem.

Headings For Use:
Use as coordinated on the mark.

Wellbeing Information and Precautions:

  • Peruse the name cautiously before use.
  • Store in a cool and dry spot away from direct daylight.
  • Keep far away from the youngsters.
  • Take the estimation when you are cool headed.
  • Sit smoothly for five minutes prior to monitoring blood pressure.


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