Dr.Morepen Cardiac Stethoscope ( ST-05)

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  • Exceptional Chest Piece Engineered for Cardiac Nursing.
  • High level acoustics for discernibility of high-recurrence sounds.
  • Double lumen Tubing for clamor free acoustics.
  • Hardened Steel Chest Piece.
  • Solid Seamless PVC Tubing.
  • Hardened Steel Concealed Frame.
  • Top tier Sound Quality.
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Your companion who is a clinical understudy is graduating and you need to gift him something uniquely great for the event. Get this stethoscope from Dr. Morepen as a gift and he will see the value in your viewpoints behind getting it. Acoustic stethoscope, This is the ordinary sort of stethoscope utilized by doctors. It will assist your companion with paying attention to the inside hints of human body. Delicate ear handles, the delicate ear handles of the stethoscope won’t hurt his ears regardless of whether he needs to involve it for quite a while. PVC tubing The consistent PVC tubing guarantees quality and sturdiness to the instrument.


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