Diamond Model TRDG 501 Electronic Tourniquet Automatic for Single Cuff Operation with 3 Std size Cuffs


  • Microprocessor based system
  • Battery operated, hence portable
  • Sophisticated time-based alarms
  • Standard washable cuffs
  • Trustworthy companion during Orthopedic surgery
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Key Features 

  • The cuff pressure is always maintained to set value automatically.
  • The set value of cuff pressure can be altered to any other desired value even while it is in working model.
  • Sophisticated ALARMS to give better warning messages.
  • The last settings remain in the MEMORY when power is turned off.
  • This Tourniquet is battery operated, hence PORTABLE, and can be used anytime, anywhere even for post-operation.
  • Both start delay and duration can be changed during operation.
  • Manual override for cuff deflation.
  • Built in battery charging circuit to re-charge the battery immediately by just connecting the power cord.
  • Cuff having coiled, expandable, PU tubing with positive locking connectors.
  • Elegant soft keypad to dial settings with ease.
  • Cuff pressure setting 100 to 500 mmHg.
  • Compact & light-weight unit.

Technical Specification

  • Cuff Pressure: 100 to 500 mm of Hg
  • Start Delay: O to 120 minutes setting
  • Duration: 0 to 250 minutes setting
  • Inflation: Motorised Pump
  • Deflation: EMV Automatic or Manual Override
  • Pressure Resolution: 2mm of Hg
  • Accuracy: +/-3mm of Hg. (Set Pressure)
  • Display: 16 X 2 Backlit LCD Display
  • Operation Method: Micro Controller
  • Based Control
  • Elapsed Time Display: Minutes : Seconds
  • Power: Rechargeable Battery (Built in Charging Circuit)
  • Alarms: Pressure Leakage / Elapsed Time / 5 min. Before Auto Deflation
  • Tourniquet Cuff Types: Soft, Armoured Cuffs
  • Cuff Sizes: Modified Leg 8.5 X 76 cm
  • Standard ARM 7 X 35 cm
  • Child 5 X 30 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 Kg. Approximate
  • Dimensions: 165 (w) X 75 (h) x 140 (d) mm




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