Flamingo Coccyx Cushion Soft



  • Offers stability, comfort and pressure management.
  • Offers pain relief to the tail bone.
  • Density Foam: The density foam releases pressure. In addition, the U-shaped cut out gives the perfect posture.
  • Mesh Cover: The high quality mesh cover helps in better circulation of air and gives high comfort.
  • Usage on any seat: The seat cushion can be used on rocking chairs, office seat, car seat, airplane, seat, wheel chair and desk chairs.
  • U Design: The design of the seat cushion has natural curves. The contoured shape is considered comfortable.
  • Ideal for people suffering from tail bone injury. Its Cut-out suspends coccyx, removing painful pressure from tailbone.
  • Size : Universa


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Flamingo Coccyx Cushion Soft is for old age person, pregnant women, individual having pain in coccyx (tail bone). Moreover for people with spinal cord injury or with decreased sensation for better pressure redistribution. The soft coccyx cushion can handle body weight upto 90 kgs.


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