Flamingo Gel Exercise Ball



  • Flamingo Gel Exercise Ball offers ultimate relief from stress.
  • The product offers dexterity, mobility and fine motor skills.
  • Size : Universal
  • This product is recommended for finger and hand exercise to ensure gripping strength.
  • Flamingo Gel Exercise Ball withstands unlimited squeezing.
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Flamingo gel exercise ball is helpful in hand and finger exercise for grip strength. It gives dexterity, mobility and fine motor skills. It is pleasant to touch and returns back to its original shape after each squeeze. It makes the fingers more active and relaxes your mind through the pressure points in your palm. Flamingo Gel Exercise Ball is recommended for burns, arthritis, fractures, nerve damage etc. Who require hand and finger exercise for grip strength can use this product. It also enhance the dexterity, mobility and fine/gross motor skills.


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