Flamingo Quadripod Metal Low Base

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  • Effectively used by those that have a poor balance.
  • Broad heighted base provides extra stability.
  • Broad Quadra base provides better support and confidence.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Comes with rubber pods at the bottom which provides better grip on even as well as uneven surfaces.
  • Made of powder coated aluminum ensuring resistance from scratches and peel offs.
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Flamingo Quadripod metal low base offers firm and tough help while strolling; presence of expansive base with slip opposing elastic guarantees safe versatility and certainty. Ideal for further developing equilibrium while strolling. Gives great strength and most extreme solace and has milder handles to give grasp. Four legs wide base for further developing equilibrium and certainty. Level change highlight permits you to change the level according to the prerequisite. Slip safe elastic tip at the lower part of the legs diminishes the possibility slipping and guarantees every development safe.


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