Gel Medial Arch Support


Flamingo Gel Medial Arch Support is for flatfoot or during activities which helps to maintain proper foot position. It also supports and maintains normal medical arch position.


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Flamingo Medial Arch Support is made of silicon hence more durable and hygienic. Correcting medial arch insoles. Excellent ‘medial-arch rise’ in the foot (which is ideally missing in a person with Flat Foot). With the unique quality of being feather light in weight so that it doesn’t feel heavy in the shoes. Feather light in weight, yet serves the purpose perfectly, which is to create a medial arch which is absent is flat feet people. Arch support design for flat foot. Also relieves foot pain knee arthritis pain. With embossing cutting guidelines, adjust the length according to your foot. Velour fabric with sweat absorption, keep your foot dry and comfortable all day long. Correction of posture. Washable. Reusable. Whatever is your foot size, leave 1 cm from up & down & then cut it. See images to understand how to cut & insert in the footwear


  • Gel Medial arch support offers relief to strain, tired and aching foot.
  • Offers optimal support and comfort.
  • Preventive product recommended during activities which increases the risk of ankle sprain.
  • Manufactured using gel material which is non toxic, non allergic and safe to wear.
  • Product to be used by placing it under the flat-foot.
  • Recommended for individual suffering from flat-foot.
  • Flexible and can be worn in multiple shoes.


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