Beurer HT 15 Lice Comb

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The HT 15 lice comb is easy to use and rids the scalp of hair lice and nits – without the use of chemicals.

  • Easy use; rids the scalp of hair lice and their nits
  • Without the use of chemicals
  • Changes the acoustic signal when it comes into contact with a hair louse or nit
  • Including cleaning brush and protective cap
  • Medical device

Beurer HT 15 Lice Comb:-The HT 15 lice comb is extremely easy to use. it helps in getting rid of hair lice, and nits without the use of chemicals. It has clever in-built functions with an ergonomic design that makes it child-friendly.

Easy to use:-The comb is designed to remove lice with ease.It enables you to clean your child’s scalp by simply running it through his/her hair. It does not need any wetting or waiting and operates with instant results. It can be used on pets.

Harmless and chemical free:- The comb functions by emitting a harmless electrical pulse that is imperceptible to humans but lethal for lice. It does not use any chemicals. The lice are struck by the electrically charged metal teeth and are effectively removed while combing.


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