Beurer IL 21 Infrared Lamp

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Colds and muscle tension can be relieved by using the infrared lamp.

  • Soothing heat
  • For colds and muscle tension
  • 5 angle settings
  • Pressed glass bulb
  • Medical device

Beurer IL 21 Infrared Lamp:- The Beurer IL 21 Infrared Lamp has been made to treat colds and muscle strains effectively.It comes with a user-friendly design and functions with a 150 watt emitter. The device generate soothing heat that has an analgesic effect on the superficial sensory nerve endings to relieve pain.

Modern Design:- The Infrared lamp is a compact and portable medical device.It works effeciently with a 150 watt emitter.The device measures about 14.5x22x17.5 cm, respectively. It can be placed on any table top. It has an ergonomic structure withno harsh edges.

5 Inclination Positions:-The lampshade of this device can be adjusted to five different inclination positions. Users can adjust the angle based their individual choice or preference. Maintain a distance of at least 60cms from the lamp during treatment.


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