LED PEARL ON Height Adjustable Stand


  • Functioning similar to Mercurial instrument
  • As accurate as that of Mercurial B.P.
  • You can read Absolute Pressure on both, LED column & also on adjacent LCD display
  • B.P. measurement using Stethoscope method
  • Built in charging circuit
  • Battery save mode, Low power consumption
  • Automatic On & Off switching of LCD backlit
  • Battery re-charge indicator
  • Bright, spot LED indicator to know unit is in standby mode
  • Shows Pulse rate after measurement
  • Adapts sensor technology
  • Calibrated with standard U tube Mercury Manometer
  • Offers good calibration stability
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Key Features

  • Mercury Free, Environment friendly
  • Height adjustable stand mounted unit
  • Works on long-life, rechargeable battery
  • Easy for BP measurements sitting very close to the patient
  • Extra coiled rubber tubing
  • Cuff storage basket
  • It is suitable in wards, OT, ICU, ICCU, and PRR

Technical Specification

  • Measurement unit-mm Hg
  • Resolution- 2 mm Hg for LED column, 1mm Hg for numeric display
  • Measurement method- By stethoscope (Auscultation)
  • Pressure Display Range- 0-300 mmHg for LED column
  • 0-300 mmHg for Numeric display
  • Pulse Range- 30-200 pulses/min
  • Accuracy- +/- 4 mmHg (Pressure), +/- 5% (Pulse)
  • Pressurization- Manually by rubber bulb
  • Deflation- Control valve
  • Power Supply- Rechargeable Battery
  • Cuff Size- 14.5 cm x 51 cm (adult arm size)


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