Life-Line Pediatric II-SS Stethoscope

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  • Chest Piece Stainless Steel Dual Head Diaphragm.
  • Sensitive Floating Diaphragm, Non-Chilling Snap on ring.
  • Combination of 2 in 1 Pediatric and Neo Natal.
  • Seven Colors of 2 way Tube with extra Gloss finish.
  • Extra Soft Sealing Ear Knobs.
  • 6 mm Stainless Steel comfortable Head Frame.
  • With Spares/Warranty Card.
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PERFECT DESIGN:- With a 5mm tempered steel headset, and hardened steel chest piece, 2-way tube with additional gleam finish and extra-delicate ear tips Life-Line Pediatric 2 SS stethoscopes are an agreeable and ideal fit for your finding use.

ENHANCED ACOUSTICS:- A more grounded headset, double delicate stomach, additional gleaming 2-way tube plan and milder earpieces give you the adaptability to hear a scope of sounds with better lucidity conveying solid acoustic performance.

EXTRA SOFT EARKNOBS:- To send body sounds from patients to your ears, the Pediatric 2 SS stethoscope has extra delicate fixed ear tips with ribbed plan. Furnished with non-chill snap on ring, it guarantees patient’s solace and clear scope of sounds.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL:- The clinical instruments by Life line medicals are planned in light of excellent materials keeping the wellbeing, cleanliness and quality parts while guaranteeing to meet the motivation behind utilizing the instrument.

APPROPRIATE FOR:- Intended for patients of any age from babies to senior residents, Life-Line Pediatric 2 SS stethoscope is great and suggested for pediatricians and neonatologists searching for quality instruments.

STURDY HEAD FRAMES:- With the quick expansion sought after for the solid clinical instruments, these stethoscopes accompany very sturdy head approaches that offer dependable assistance to the specialists and medical caretakers.


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