Omron HBF 702T Digital Body Composition Monitor

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The Omron HB 702 T digital weighing scale makes weight management easier with fast measurements. The 4 point full body sensing technology enables users to have a deep insight into body mass composition and accommodate their diet and exercise regime for effective weight loss or gain.

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  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Track your readings via OMRON connect by wirelessly syncing to your smartphone.
  • 4 Point Full Body Sensing Technology: 4-point sensing technology allows a more accurate body weight measurement and wholistic analysis of body composition.
  • 30 Memories Per User: The Product records 30 memory per user.
  • Segmental subcutaneous fat & skeletal muscle %: Get an accurate analysis of subcutaneous and skeletal muscle distribution across your body.
  • 4 User Profiles: This BCM allows weight tracking and full body composition analysis for upto 4 users.
  • Subcutaneous fat %: Get an insight into subcutaneous fat distribution in proportion to your body weight and effectively plan your diet and exercise regime.
  • Body Age: Calculate how old is your body biologically based on your health as well as fitness level.
  • BMI: Get an insight of ideal body fat level based on your weight and height.
  • RM (Resting Metabolism): Get an insight into the rate at which your body burns energy while it is in a resting state.
  • Skeletal muscle % classification: This device give an insight into the skeletal muscle distribution across the body.
  • Visceral fat level: Get an insight into the fat embedded deep around your abdominal organs.
  • Visceral fat analysis: With this body fat analyzer, you can read the rating of visceral fat in your body.
  • Body Weight: Measure your body weight accurately to incentivize your weight management program.
  • Body Fat %: Body fat % can be classified as the amount of fat distributed in your body with proportion to your weight.
  • Body fat % classification: The device give an insight into body fat % so that you can work effectively on losing it through diet and exercise.
  • Skeletal muscle %: Skeletal muscle is the type of muscle that we can see and feel. This device give an insight into the skeletal muscle distribution across the body.
  • Measures Weight up to 135 kg: Measures body weight > or up to 135 kgs.


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