Dial Type B.P. with Built-In Stethoscope


  • Classic look
  • Most universally accepted and one of the simplest methods to check one’s own systolic & diastolic blood pressure.
  • The apparatus comes with an adult size arm cuff having ‘D’ ring
  • Comes with built-in flat-chest piece stethoscope placed strategically to give confirmed sound beats.
  • Automatic constant speed deflation valve( no need of manual adjustment )
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Key Features 

  • Transparent zip pouch for easy handling
  • Rubber casing for a strong & firm grip and for gauge protection
  • Stethoscope designed especially for BP measurement
  • Soft earpieces for comfortable listening
  • Press type exhaust valve to release remaining pressure in the cuff
  • Automatic deflation valve that provides a constant pressure drop while measuring B.P.
  • Special Cuff having ‘D’ ring for easy single-hand wrapping on an adult arm
  • Flat chest piece with proper placement to get confirmed Korotkoff sounds

Technical Specification

  • Measurement Unit : mm Hg
  • Resolution : 2mm Hg
  • Measurement method : By Auscultation with Stethoscope
  • Pressure display range : 0 – 300 mm Hg
  • Accuracy : +/- 4mm Hg (Pressure)
  • Cuff size: 14.5 cm x 58 cm
  • Pressurization: Manually by rubber bulb
  • Deflation: Automatic


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