Dr.Morepen ST 01 Deluxe Stethoscope

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  • Chromed chest piece with extraordinary stomach
  • Smaller with double recurrence
  • Consistent PVC tubing
  • Metal chromed open spring outline
  • Delicate ear handles with best sound quality
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Searching for the ideal gift for your companion who is joining a clinical school? What else would make an ideal gift for a future specialist other than this stethoscope from Dr. Morepen. Get your companion this gift and wish him best of luck.

Consistent PVC Tubing
Dr. Morepen stethoscope is made utilizing consistent PVC tube, which improves exhibitions.

Ear Knobs
This stethoscope from Dr. Morepen is planned with delicate ear handles to give great sound quality.

Chrome covered Chest Piece
The stethoscope’s chest piece is chrome covered with a unique stomach. This makes it advantageous and clear so that the specialist could hear the pulses of the patient.

Double Frequency Stethoscope
Dr. Morepen’s stethoscope is outlined with a double recurrence that makes the specialist sort out both high and low frequencies of the patient.


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