Life-Line Pediatric-AL Stethoscope



  • Chest Piece Light Weight Aluminium Anodized Bright Finish
  • Non-Chilling Snap on ring.
  • Extra Gloss Finish Jointless 2 way tube, Black/Grey.
  • Sensitive Diaphragm, High Condition.
  • Extra Soft Sealing Ear Knobs(Black/Grey).
  • 5 mm Stainless Steel comfortable Head Frame.
  • With Spares/Warranty Card.
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BETTER ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE – Life-Line Pediatric-AL Stethoscope is more grounded headset, touchy stomach, adaptable tubing plan, and gentler earpieces. It gives better lucidity and acoustic execution.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – All our stethoscopes currently convey a LIFETIME WARRANTY restricted to assembling deserts. Fixes/Replacements will be given for nothing to life in the event of assembling abandons.

Plan – Aluminum chest piece with a silver matt completion and adaptable tubing furnish you with the adaptability to hear a full scope of sounds and dependable acoustic execution.

Wonderful FIT – 4mm hardened steel headsets, extra delicate fixing ear tips gives the ideal and agreeable fit.

Suggested FOR – This Y-tube stethoscope is reasonable for Students, Paramedics and Nurses.


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