Walking Stick ‘U’ Shaped

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Flamingo Walking Stick with Tri Leg Bottom is made of power coated aluminum (Scratch proof and no peel offs). The ‘U’ shaped or curved handle enables the user to hang it over forearm or back of chair when not in use. Height is adjustable according to user. Soft rubber coating of handle ensures good cushioning and handgrip. Rubber material pods for better grip on even as well as uneven surfaces.

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  • Acts as an aid which assists people in walking or improve mobility.
  • Convenience of adjusting height as required by the user.
  • Presence of soft rubber coating on the handle providing good cushioning and hand grip.
  • Size : Universal
  • Comes with rubber pods at the bottom which provides better grip on even as well as uneven surfaces.
  • Made of powder coated aluminum ensuring resistance from scratches and peel offs.


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