Hero Mediva MHL 1002 Folding Wheelchair

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Power Source Manual
Country of Origin India
Material Stainless Steel
Series Mediva
Type of Product Manual Folding Wheelchair
Load Capacity 100 Kg
Dimension 105x67x88 CM
Wheel Type Rear: Spoke Wheel, Front:PP Wheel
Model MHL 1002
Break Type Push to Lock
Upholstery Material Rexine

Hero Eco Med Mediva Series Manual Folding Wheelchair with Rexine Upholstery MHL-1002 is a mobility device that is propelled by the user’s own physical strength.It Consists of a seat, backrest, footrests, and two large wheels at the back and two smaller wheels at the front.The user sits in the seat and uses their arms to push the wheels, which in turn moves the wheelchair forward or backward.

MHL 1002 is ergonomically designed chrome plated wheelchair with strong, flexible and antibacterial upholstery providing comfort of 17 inches’ width.

Smooth stainless steel propelling ring for sound grip and reduced effort, optimized for 11’o clock to 2’o clock pushing art.

Calf support and detachable metallic foot rests makes MHL 1002 optimal solution for patients with compromised mobility, neuromuscular issues, musculoskeletal problems and having broken bones.

Foldable features enhances the portability and can be stored easily in house or car.


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